How to reduce design review costs using virtual meetings?

One thing that always bogged me was the cost of project communication. We’ve spent countless hours, days and weeks reviewing projects, getting them signed off over email, phone or video calls. Not to mention travel and meetings. Later it turned out we were not the only ones. It turns out communication is the number one problem behind rising costs of projects.


That’s why we’ve decided to build Virtualist. It was meant to streamline the design process and as such was targeted to the design community that we understood best. But we’ve never expected to see what we saw when we handed it to our users.

In essence, Virtualist is a remote workspace where you can quickly create beautiful scenes even without design skills and then review them remotely with project teams anywhere in the world in shared virtual space. This way teams can quickly solve complex, spatial problems and reach faster conclusions. It reduces one week of phonecalls, emails and misunderstandings to 1-2 hours of productive review session. 

But it’s much more that that. Because of it’s flexible interface and virtual meeting features our users also create product showcases, present real estate projects to clients, hold virtual events, company meetings, perform workshops, make virtual exhibitions, train employees or consult research results between remote teams.

They even stage birthday parties inside. 


Teams become more efficient by replacing weeks of phonecalls, emails and tedious reviews with a smarter, less expensive, visual way of communicating remotely. 

Companies recover precious time and spend less on travel. Employees stay better informed and people report the meetings to be fun to look up to. They even hold birthday parties despite being thousands of miles away from each other. 

Users can connect from their desktop computers, tablets, smartphones. They can use Virtual reality headsets to immerse in a true scale of the scene and use body language. On mobile they can use powerful augmented reality mode to inspect scene in the context of real spaces.

Your company not only saves time and money but also contributes to a better future by dropping all those business flights and hours spent on the road to reach the next meeting. 

I think that’s not such a bad idea.

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