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Remote 3D workplace

Reduce collaboration cost, increase productivity and unleash team creativity wherever you are and whatever device you’re using.

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Collaborate locally and remotely with your team

Work together.

Invite unlimited users to the same scene and get results quickly in a real-time, fluid conversation with a true sense of presence. Brainstorm your ideas together in a free, creative mode or make a structured presentation using roles, permissions and markup tools.

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“One hour of design review here is worth one week of phonecalls.”

Paul SkłodowskiPartner at _Space Architects
Build your scenes in a snap with no expert help

Creative freedom

With Virtualist You can build scenes using simple solids, import 3D models from the web or from any industry standard 3d authoring tool. No matter if you need rough concept quality or sales photorealism – Virtualist is built on Unreal Engine and You can polish scenes to impressive results.

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Bruno Pinheiro3D Designer
Feel true presence in Virtual Reality

Immerse in VR.

Enter the scene using VR headsets and share the sense of place with your collaborators. Feel the real size of the surroundings and maintain real human contact with all non-verbal cues.

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“They made progress that other companies won't reach for another couple of years.”

Jimmy HealyAR/VR Innovate Dublin
Location-aware Augmented Reality

Refine in AR.

Blend your scenes with the real location on iOS and Android devices and achieve full, contextual understanding of your project.

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“Helps understand client's needs and enables efficient sales.”

Lukas GalasinskiProject Lead at Skanska

Smarter meetings

Go beyond screen share

Our users say Virtualist is like Skype in 3D. But smarter and more visual. Finally You can feel more present.

Work from anywhere

Virtualist works on desktops, mobile devices, in VR & AR. In the office and on the go.

Save Time & Money

Change weeks and months of emails and phone calls to hours of fun. The result is real.

Your work is safe

Secure cloud keeps your projects along with notes and changes. Everyone is on the same page.

Make people happy and loyal

Virtualist brings people closer and makes work fun no matter how serious the job is.

Reduce the CO2 emission

Remote work means less business flights. Keep it for holiday and save the planet. Feels good, isn't it?
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