Design together, in real-time, from anywhere.

Immerse your team in a shared 3D workspace, make informed choices, and reduce costly revisions.

Powerful import

Import FBX, OBJ and Collada from 3D tools like Sketchup, Blender or Revit. Create materials from JPG, PNG and BMP. Smart importer will verify and optimize your shapes.


Connect from anywhere. Virtualist allows groups with tens of users to work together in one real-time session.


Collaborate on desktop Windows & Macs, mobile Android & iOS, VR HTC Vive & Oculus Quest.

Up to 8k resolution

Unlike other tools on the market Virtualist was created by visual artists in Unreal Engine and allows to achieve incredible high-fidelity for presentations.

Augmented Reality

Prototype your virtual objects in the real location using augmented reality and GPS. Use geolocated sunlight tool and perform real-time, spatial consultations.

Real-time cooperation

Review and polish your project during real-time, multiuser session with advanced cooperative design features, user roles and finetuned permission settings.

Virtual Reality

Explore tiny details and the true scale of your scenes, communicate with body language and maintain real human contact in Virtual Reality mode.

Measurable benefits for the AEC teams

recover Time

Our users replace 1 week of regular phones, emails and document flow for 2 hours of productive session.

Save money and time

Remote meetings means less travel and delays in the project.

keep teams informed

Users say it’s smarter, more visual way to reach informed decisions and reduce the noise.

work securely

Everyone in your team will be on the same page. Your work will rest stored in secure cloud.

lightweight app

Virtualist is packed in a lightweight file and features interface shortcuts saving precious project time.

less co2 for the planet

Less travel means less CO2 emissions. Healthy for you and your planet.

„AR is yet another technology pushing this frontier. One example is Virtualist, a virtual online workspace for AR and VR collaboration."

Zach Mortice
Redshift Autodesk

„We were looking for a solution that would help visualize our large and varied space. Virtualist showed the future of our city returning to the river. "

Artur Ratusynski
Innovation Advisor
City of Szczecin

„Our two remote teams connected in a scanned digital twin and we reached conclusions in 40 minutes without leaving offices. "

Wojtek Filipowiak
Doctor of Archeology, PhD
Institute of Archeology PAN

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