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All plans include floating license, 2GB of secure cloud per user, Powerful scene creator, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality mode and support for all devices (Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive).

Single user

€25 user/month

Single user
2GB cloud space
Asynchronous reviews

Team user

€50 user/month

Invite and get invited
5GB per user
Realtime meetings



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Service Level Agreement
Priority support


What is Virtualist?

Virtualist is a downloadable app that allows remote users to connect together in a shared virtual space and quickly solve complex, spatial problems or experience immersive presence together.

What is the asynchronous mode in the Single plan and how it differs from the Team plan?

In Single Player, you can work with your guests on the local machine or invite them via email if they have an account to check changes in their own time (asynchronously). In Multiplayer you schedule an online session and enter the scene together with your guests at the same time (real-time). In this mode, you can discuss on voice chat.

What is included in the Trial?

Yes, we do. You’re free to test Virtualist Single license. It has cloud access, augmented and virtual reality, and works on all supported devices. It won’t allow for multiuser real-time meetings though. If you want to try multiuser please sign up for the Team license demo.

What is a floating license?

You can use your account on multiple devices including VR & AR tools. We charge per account, not per device.

How secure is Virtualist?

It’s a business tool so we take it very seriously. Your uploaded data is stored on dedicated servers and session data is safely held on Amazon Cloud. Your meetings won’t be interrupted by trolls or accidental guests.

Why should I choose Virtualist over other similar tools?

Virtualist is built on Unreal Engine and aims for the highest visual fidelity and realistic experience it has powerful scene editing options like crafting realistic surfaces and importing complex models from all authoring 3d tools.

Do I need complex hardware to get started?

No. Virtualist works on desktop PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices. If you invest in a virtual reality headset it will give you extra options and an unforgettable feeling of immersive presence.

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