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Desktop Downloads

Mobile & VR

Android & AR

Basically every Android device that supports the AR Core.

The exhaustive list is available here.

To install open the current welcome page on your phone/tablet and tap the link below.

iOS & AR

Download Testflight app and let us know you Apple ID email. You will receive invitation through testflight app to download Virtualist.

Kickstarting your first project

Watch the video below and see how easy is to log in, import your data and create first scene in Virtualist.

Visit our Learning Center where w post useful videos showing first steps and how to work with Virtualist.

Looking for team collaboration?

This trial period is to familiarize Yourself with the tool and it does not include real-time meeting feature. Please book a demo with us to introduce this feature to your team.

Stuck with specific features?

Make sure to check the features page.


You can report these bugs to us directly on chat. Make sure you give us the steps you took before you got the bug and attach screenshots if You can. 

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