High fidelity remote 3d workspace

Effective design reviews and constructive spatial meetings with remote collaboration, augmented & virtual reality.

Virtualist was created by visual artists in Unreal Engine and boasts unmatched editing options to build scenes.

Open scenes on your mobile device and blend virtual objects with the real location using augmented reality.

Unlike traditional remote meeting apps with a grid of video faces staring at you in Virtualist you can freely explore the space and use your body language. 

Feel the true scale and maintain real human contact with all non-verbal cues using Virtual Reality.

What users do in Virtualist

Our users solve complex spatial problems, quickly communicate design intent and experience the sense of presence that’s not possible in traditional video conference.


Upload AEC project and do a quick online real-time review


Create virtual company office and invite clients online


Hold virtual event with lots of remote visitors


Run public consultation on city reconstruction project

Real estate

Sell space ONLINE before it’s built


Train employees in a virtual space without physical dangers & risks


Hold internal meeting and quickly work on ideas visually


Consult research results between remote teams


Make a remote lesson with props and online students

Teams in Virtualist become:

🙂 more efficient

You will waste less life on video calls, meetings, phones and emails. More time for creative work. Or time off.

🙂 less expensive

Think of all these travel and material costs. Virtual meetings cost much less.

🙂 better informed

Users says it’s smarter, more visual video conferencing. Expect more oh-yeah and aha moments.

🙂 more secure

Everyone in your team will be on the same page. Your work will rest stored in secure cloud.

🙂 bonded together

Remote workers say loneliness is a problem. Virtualist brings people closer.

🙂 sustainable

Remote meetings do not emit CO2. Healthy for you and your planet.

We’re biased. See what users say:

Paul Sklodowski

„Virtualist packed my whole week of phonecalls into one productive hour with a client.”

Paul Skłodowski
Partner at _Space Architects
Lukas Galasinski

„It supports the needs of our customers and enables us to sell efficiently.​”

Łukasz Gałasiński
Project Lead at Skanska

„Our two teams went into scanned scene and reached the same conclusions regardless of being in two opposite sides of Europe.​”

Wojciech Filipowiak
Archeologist at the Institute of Archeology PAN
Jimmy Healy

„They have made progress that will be difficult for other companies to catch up.”​

Jimmy Healy
AR/VR Innovate Dublin
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